"Before watching the VelociRafter series, I was just another dromaeosaurid
making minimum wage. Now I have my own truck and get lots of girls. Of course,
I have a tendency to eat them, but you may want to date them instead and find
other sources of food."

"Roof Framing - The Movie"




Chapter A - Common Rafters
Chapter B - Hip Rafters
Chapter C - Valley Rafters
Chapter D - California Roofs
Chapter E - Octagon Roofs
Chapter F - Appendix

Over 60 pages of color illustrations and
quick reference guides in PDF format.

Illustration Samples:
A1 - Roof Framing Plan
A2 - Section
A3 - 3D View
A4 - Unit Length
A5 - Ridge Beam Height
A6 - Rafter Layout

Movie Samples:
Common Rafter - Part 1
Common Rafter - Part 2
Gazebo Roof - Part 1
Gazebo Roof - Part 2