Here at VelociRafter our highly trained staff (me) is working around the clock (when convenient) to bring you accurate information about the art of roof framing and related subjects.
I use the term art because it can be an art form if you so choose or you can simply plug the roof cutting and layout methods into production framing and make your boss happy by your increased productivity.
That’s the good news. The bad news is that you need to use some Math. Not to worry, I’ll walk you through it. It might even be fun (yeah, right). And you’ll need a calculator with some scientific functions...square root and exponential. The carpenter’s helper calcs are great, especially if they have inches to feet conversion features. But they aren’t necessary.

Some of the tutorials, illustrations and guides on this website are free.
However, if you:
a. Would like to own the DVD
b. Feel guilty about using my hard earned knowledge and countless hours of work for your own   personal gain
c. Want access to the rest of the tasty tidbits I’m dangling before you,
then I encourage you to purchase the VelociRafter Roof Framing Package for the low, low price of $49 (plus $5 shipping) . But wait, there’s more. I'll throw in the PDF workbook containing over 60 pages of illustrations, formulas, roof cutting worksheet and photos of girls with tools.
     ...then, I encourage you to click on the "Take A Look" button, kick the proverbial tires and then succumb to temptation and purchase the DVD


"An In Depth Study of Roof Framing"

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